Coaching & Clinics

We are fortunate to have leading Teaching Professional Tybin Lawson and his fellow professionals at the Geelong Golf Academy available for clinics and private lessons.

They run tailored clinics each term and can be booked to run private lessons.

Visit the Geelong Golf Academy website to find details and register for tuition or ring Tybin Lawson on 0421 831 846 or email him at

The current courses that are conducted include;

The BEGINNERS program is run each school term and is an 8-week course that teaches the basics of golf from grip, to swing, to pitching, putting and bunker play. Subject to demand, they are normally conducted for one hour on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s late morning.

The INTERMEDIATE program is another 8-week course run each school term which ventures onto the course and teaches you club selection, etiquette of golf, rules of golf, pace of play and other fundamentals. It is for those progressing from the Beginners and/or for those returning to golf after a long layoff with each lesson taking 90 minutes.
From time-to-time other short course are offered mainly during school holidays to meet specific aspects of playing.

Kel Llewellyn is also available for private lessons by appointment.  Kel is a world-renowned Golf Teacher, PGA Life Member and Member of the Victorian Golf Hall of Fame.  To book an appointment, contact Kel on 0409 193 964