Course Care, Etiquette & Dress Code

We take great pride in how our course is presented and all players using our facilities have a responsibility to conduct themselves appropriately at all times.

We ask you to observe the following; failure to do so may see your right to use the course and associated facilities removed.

Course Care

You can help us to keep our course in good condition by noting the following;

  • Players MUST always carry and use a sand bucket. Divots are to be filled with sand and smoothed to the level of the playing surface.
  • Players MUST repair ball marks on greens.
  • Players MUST rake bunkers after use and place the rake in the middle of the bunker and in the direction of play. Do not enter or exit bunkers from steep faces.
  • Motorised carts MUST NOT be driven on or near the greens, tees, or surrounds. At least ten metres should be the minimum distance to park your cart.
  • Buggies or carts MUST NOT be driven into penalty areas (those designated by red stakes and/or roped areas).
  • Tree branches MUST NOT be deliberately broken off if they impeded your stance.
  • NEVER throw clubs or slam them into greens or surrounds.

And if you note a divot, or a pitch mark or an unraked bunker that you have not caused please take a moment to repair it, as your ball may be impacted later in your round if everyone ignores them.


  • In the interests of faster play, we ask all players to adopt “READY GOLF” at all times. That means if you are ready to hit and it is safe to do so then proceed immediately to do so, irrespective of who holds the “honour” from the previous holes score.
  • An 18-hole round should take no more than 4 hours and 12 minutes to complete. The lowest handicap player in a group is responsible for monitoring and achieving this time.
  • Your position in the field is behind the group in front of you, NOT in front of the group behind you.
  • When a player is making a stroke other players should remain silent and not stand in his/her line of vision, either in front of or behind.
  • There should be no play until the party in front is out of range.
  • After holing out players should leave the green immediately.
  • Players should mark their scorecard while waiting to tee off on the next hole not while on the green of the current hole.
  • Excessive practice swinging on tees or fairways is not permitted. A maximum of two is considered reasonable.
  • Always adhere to the Club’s dress code.
  • Refrain from making audible obscenities.
  • Prior to each competition players must check the local rules.

Dress Code

Rather than what is allowed we prefer to highlight unacceptable aspects of your attire.
The following are NOT permitted to be worn under any circumstances;

  • Football or similar sporting shorts or socks.
  • Loose fitting track suit pants.
  • Tops displaying large motifs or advertising slogans.
  • Male Singlets.
  • Clothing that is ripped or stained by paint or grease or similar products.
  • Thongs, sandals, shoes that are not enclosed or do not have flat soles or bare feet.
  • Tops that display a mid-rift.

We encourage players to wear standard golf attire such as tailored pants or shorts, collared tops, skivvies or dress tee shirts. Neat denim and/or women’s active wear are allowable alternatives.
Common sense will be used by our staff when reviewing a person’s attire before they commence play.